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15 Fast Facts About The Effect Of Colour On Your Branding

Many years of research confirms that colour plays a vital role in your branding and how people experience it. Below are 15 facts that will help you use colour to your advantage when marketing your services and products.


  • 90% of people base their judgement of a brand on colour alone
  • 80% of brand recognition is increased with colour
  • One-third of the brands listed by Forbes as ‘100 biggest brands’ use red
  • One-third of the same Forbes list use blue
  • 23% of the brands on this list have no set colour scheme or use black and white
  • 20% of the brands on this list use gold or yellow
  • Half of these brands use only one colour
  • A quarter of them use two colours
  • Purple is only used by 1 of the 100 brands on Forbes’ list
  • Ads that are in colour are read 40% more than ads without colour
  • From a young age we program our brains to respond to colour; Red – stop, yellow – slow down/submit, green – go.
  • It only takes 90 seconds to make a judgement on a product and 75% of the judgement is based on the colour
  • Women list purple as an elegant colour while men don’t
  • Both women and men like the colour blue
  • 85% of shoppers consider colour to be the primary reason for their purchase

Choosing the Right Colour for Marketing Your Brand



Often seen in clearance sales, red creates urgency by increasing your heart rate.



Often used by banks, blue creates the sentiment of security and trust.



Used to grab the attention of window shoppers, yellow is youthful and optimistic.



Used to create a relaxing environment, green is typically associated with nature and wealth. It’s also the easiest colour to process.



Used to market products to young girls and women, pink is feminine and romantic.



This aggressive colour demands a call to action.



Used to market luxury products, black is sleek and powerful.


Have you thought about the reasoning behind the colour scheme of your brand? Does it match up with the list mentioned above?


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