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3 Branded Promotional Gifts That Suck (And What to Give Instead)

Promotional Gift Campaigns are always successful right? Wrong. While promotional gifting is one of the most affordable and successful marketing strategies used by businesses today, there is still margin for error that can make your campaign come tumbling down.


There are many reasons why your promotional gift campaign might not yield the ROI you hoped for. When you don’t research your target audience, you might give the wrong type of gifts. Another reason for a blotched campaign is poor quality gifts. While people love getting things for free, quality is important for increasing the impression rate. The difference between a bad gift and a great gift is the time it will take from receipt to landing in the trash.


So, which promotional items should be avoided you might ask? Here’s a list of 5 gifts that suck and what you should gift your clients instead:


Seriously, if you’re still handing out paperweights, STOP! Immediately! No one uses them anymore. Most businesses have gone paperless and for good reason, we are trying to preserve the environment. Paperweights are one of those gifts that suck really bad. Instead, opt for a desk toy. People love things to play with when they’re on the phone and what better toy than one with your branding on it.


Headphones or Earphones

These were great a few years ago but these days Bluetooth speakers are all the rage which is why they are the better option. They typically work with any smart device and what better way to enjoy your day than to share the music with your fellow workers.



Padfolios are outdated. Previously used to hold – you guessed it – paper. These days everyone and their kids have smart tablets or iPads. Make your giveaway more memorable by giving your clients a quality table case. Add a stylus pen for maximum punch and you’re sure to make a great impression.


Promotional gifts don’t have to be extremely expensive. Just make sure they are useful and great quality. For more awesome promo gift ideas from The Promo Group, visit our online store.