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3 High End Branded Gifts That Will Secure Customer Loyalty

Most businesses have those chosen few clients that keep them afloat. The big ones, that if you were to lose them, would make a dent in your bottom line for sure. Those are the clients you have to handle with care and treat like royalty. They are also the clients you keep loyal with expensive branded gifts.


Now, we’re not saying you should “buy” their loyalty, but a little gift goes a long way to keep them coming back. In most circumstances, the cost of the gift won’t make a difference, as long as it is useful and high-quality. But, when it comes to the select few, you might want to spend a little more to let them know you value their business. Here are some high end branded gift ideas to get the ball rolling:


Insulated Jackets

Seeing that we’re in the middle of winter, why not give your client the gift of heat whenever they go out? The Promo Group can provide you with men’s and women’s Balkan insulated jackets in various colours to suit your brand. These jackets are high-quality and extremely effective in keeping you warm even in freezing weather. They aren’t cheap, costing around R1 550 – R1 700 each, but your client will be forever grateful and hopefully not look for greener pastures anytime soon.

Leather  Travel Bag

If your client is a regular traveller, you might consider giving them a leather travel bag. By branding it strategically, they will always be reminded of you when they use it. Two excellent options from The Promo Group include the Cerutti Thompson weekend bag (R10 350) and the Gary Player luxury leather weekend bag (R3 720).


Leatherman Multi-Tool

Multi-tools always come in handy and what better way to equip your client than with a Leatherman. These tools are famous for being durable yet lightweight. The Promo Group offers various models that are priced between R400 and R2 400. The latter being the price for the Charge AL.


There’s no shame in buying your most valued clients expensive branded gifts. Business is business after all. For more information or to place your order, get in touch with The Promo Group today!