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4 Essential Tips for Choosing the Best Promotional Gift Suppliers

Choosing a supplier of any kind is much of a lottery these days. You just never know whether you are going to get good services. To make this process easier and less risky, we’ve compiled some guidelines to follow before making your final decision.

1. Choose a Gift Supplier with an Extensive Item Variety
The bigger the better! Different clients require different promotional gifts to grab their attention. If you were considering buying just one gift for all of your customers, stop right there. A one-size-fits-all approach rarely works. But don’t let that stress you out, the team at The Promo Group is here to help you figure it out.

  1. Don’t Choose the Cheapest Supplier
    We’ve only just come out of the recession in South Africa but that by no means mean that the economy is great. In fact, it will take a while to recover. This doesn’t mean you should abord all marketing strategies and it also doesn’t mean you should choose the cheapest promotional gift supplier in your area. Handing out poor quality promotional gifts will do more harm than good to your brand image and the cheapest promotional gift suppliers tend to skimp on quality. You get what you pay for.

    3. Talk to Friends, Family and Acquaintances for Recommendations
    Ask around for recommendations. If a supplier has provided great service, people tend to remember it and pay it forward by recommending them to other businesses.

    4. Read Reviews Online
    The majority of businesses have an online presence these days. This could be by way of a website, a facebook page or any other social media channel. Before you make your final decision, do some research on the internet to determine if the supplier has bad reviews ie unhappy clients. Be wary of any supplier without an online presence since this could indicate that they are a fly-by-night.

    For an extensive range of quality and affordable promotional products, get in touch with the team at The Promo Group or visit the online shop today!