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4 Fabulous Promotional Gifts That Will Make Dog Lovers Happy

Dogs are awesome! They truly are man’s best friend. They offer their owner unconditional love and all they ask in return, is to be treated well.


Whether your business is dog-related or you want to show how pet-friendly your business is, there are plenty of fabulous gifts that will win over the heart of any dog lovers. Here are 4 branded gift ideas to help you get started:


Throw Toy

Whether at home or in the dog park, throw toys are always a hit. Dogs love to play fetch and these throw toys can launch a tennis ball pretty far. This will keep dogs entertained and active for hours.


Doggy Bag Holder

If there’s one thing everyone hates, it’s stepping in dog poo. Make sure you never forget your ‘doggy bags’ with a convenient bag holder that clips onto their pet’s leash. Great for outdoor events and businesses that are pet-friendly, they will make cleaning up after your dog quick and easy.

Collapsible Pet Bowl

It’s vital to keep your dog hydrated when it’s hot. Especially if they’ve been running around in the park. Collapsible pet bowls can go wherever your dog goes. They fold down flat which means you can carry them in your pocket or even attach them to your dog’s leash. 


Pet Bandana

Not everyone likes dressing up their pups but a bandana will make your doggie look good after a bath and grooming session. The best part, this affordable gift will go a long way to create brand awareness.


If you’re looking for reliable and affordable promotional gift suppliers with a wide range of products, look no further. The team here at The Promo Group would love to help you find the perfect promotional gift for your clients. Give us a call if you need assistance or head on over to our online store to place an order.