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4 Promotional Gifts That Will Boost Your Sales Instantly

Do you wish there was a magic trick to quickly increase sales and grow your bottom line today?


It can be hard managing a business, especially if the economy isn’t booming. While you recognise the importance of a solid marketing strategy, you realise that it costs money to implement it. Money that isn’t always readily available.


There is a solution! A way where you successfully market your business even on a strict budget. The solution to your problem is promotional gifts. It isn’t exactly a magic trick but the results will surprise you, no doubt. Here are 5 promotional gift ideas that are extremely effective in turning recipients into future customers.


Smartphone Wallets

What’s the one thing people always carry with them wherever they go? Their smartphone! In fact, Gen Z doesn’t know a life before smartphones making this gift even more effective. Smartphone wallets or pouches aren’t only affordable, but they can easily be attached to your device and offer a safe place to put your cards or cash.

Hand Sanitiser

Most people are hyper-aware of germs lurking on everything they touch which might explain the rapid increase in OCD in recent years. Personalised hand sanitiser offers your client an on-the-go solution to their germ problem while boosting your brand every time they use it.



Pens were invented by John J Loud and have been around since 1888. And let’s face it, they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Even with all the advancements made in technology, nothing will ever replace the feeling of ink on paper. Pens are affordable and easy to customise to suit your brand.


Tote Bags

Tote bags are more useful than just carrying around flyers and brochures handed out at an expo. To protect our planet, plastic bags will soon be something of the past which means everyone will need an alternative solution when visiting the supermarket. Branded tote bags are an excellent alternative and very affordable as well.


Promoting your brand doesn’t have to cost your business an arm and a leg. You can use promotional gifts to get the message across without breaking the bank. For more affordable and effective promotional gift ideas, speak to the team at The Promo Group today!