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5 Budget Promotional Gifts That Offer Excellent ROI [Includes Prices]

It’s common knowledge that promotional gifting as a marketing strategy offers exceptional results but adding it to an already tight budget might seem counterproductive. We’re here to tell you that handing out branded promo gifts to potential clients as well as existing clients will always yield a good return on investment. And, you don’t have to hand out the most expensive gifts for it to happen.


Startups hardly ever have the funds to market their business, but without a marketing strategy, their brand simply won’t lift off the ground. How do they do it then? By handing out affordable, yet effective promotional gifts. Here’s a list of gift ideas that actually work.


Tablet Sleeve or Holder

How many people do you know who own a tablet of some sort? Or should I ask how many do you know that don’t? Tablet Sleeves and holders are excellent gifts and come in at under R50 (excl vat) when you purchase from The Promo Group.

Toiletry Bag

If your budget needs to stretch a little further, you might want to consider a toiletry bag. Starting at R25 (excl vat), they are easy to brand and very useful to anyone who travels on a regular basis.


Travel Bag

Travel bags are very useful but don’t have to cost an arm or a leg. The Promo Group offers branded travel bags for as low as R62 (excl vat).



It’s nearly winter and what better way to make sure your potential client takes notice of your brand than with a stainless steel flask. With this gift, they can be stuck in traffic and still enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea. A mere R77 (excl vat) will give your brand the opportunity to make a lasting impression.


Wireless Phone Charger

These handy chargers are fantastic for any technology lover. A wireless charger will make your client’s life easier and they will thank you for it every time they use it. All this for just R50 (excl vat)


As you can see, branded promo gifts don’t need to be expensive to have an impact. As long as it’s useful and high-quality, your return on investment will be great! Navigate to our online shop to place your order today!