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5 Corporate Gift Ideas for Company Directors

Saying thank you to clients for their loyalty to your business is one of the most important things you can do to retain it and build a relationship. Your corporate gift will differ from client to client and whether they are an employee or a director of a company. If you’re looking for corporate gift ideas for company directors, we have compiled a list for you below:


1. Rugby Shirts

If you know which rugby team your client supports it might be a good idea to gift them a rugby shirt and invite them to join you at a rugby match. Spending time together, outside of work will give you the opportunity to get to know them and build your professional relationship.


2. Jackets

Everyone needs a good jacket for winter and what better way to say thank you for your business than with an ELEVATE Balkan Insulated Jacket, available both for men and women. This jacket is available in various colours to suit your branding

3. Wine Gifts

If your client is a wine enthusiast they will surely be impressed with one of these fantastic gifts: Hugo Boss Wine Set Distinct or the Annatto Cheese & Wine Hamper. Make sure to ask their wine preference (red, white or rose) so you don’t order the wrong one.


4. Backpacks

A quality backpack can be used for carrying your belongings to and from work every day or on business trips. Directors are notorious for taking regular trips making a backpack the perfect gift. Some suggestions from The Promo Group include the Day Tripper Backpack or the Solo Every Day Max Backpack.


5. Pens

Pens make exceptional corporate gifts and depending on your type of client, you can choose a design that will suit them perfectly. A trendy option from The Promo Group is the Hugo Boss Ballpoint Pen Pure Matte while the Waterman Hemisphere Essential Chrome Trim is more of a classic option.


The Promo Group is a credible and affordable corporate gift company in South Africa. To place your order, head over to our online shop today! Alternatively, get in touch if you need additional information.