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5 Eco-Friendly Promotional Gifts That Will Make A Statement

Protecting mother earth should be more important to more people but somehow it isn’t. Needless to say, those who do want to preserve our beautiful planet should work twice as hard to make a difference. Starting with eco-friendly branded promo gifts. At The Promo Group, we can offer you various products that are recyclable and friendly to the environment. These products will make a bold statement and show how much you care about the planet. Here are 5 eco gifts to get you started.


Recycled Notepad and Pen

An awesome way to curb deforestation is with recycled paper. This paper can be used again and again. And what’s a notepad without a pen to go with it? Pens are popular in the promotional products industry but if you want to stand out, even more, you can give recycled pens made from bamboo and cardboard that are entirely biodegradable.


Natural Fibre Tote Bag

Grocery stores are getting on board with a “no plastic” policy which means you have to provide your own bags. Gifting your client a natural fibre shopper tote is an excellent way to give them something they need while getting your brand noticed by a lot of people.

Recipe Book or Tablet Stand

A bamboo stand can be used for recipe books or smart tablets. Either way, an excellent eco-friendly gift any foodie will love to use in the kitchen.


Solar Charger

Why use electricity to charge your mobile device when you can use the sun for free? People who care about the environment find ways to get things done without traditional electricity. One way to keep your phone alive is with a solar charger.


Bamboo USB

Gifting your client a USB is always a great idea. But, more often than not, these little gadgets are wrapped with a plastic casing. I don’t have to tell you how bad plastic is for the environment! Instead, give them a bamboo covered USB drive.


For more eco-friendly branded promo gifts head over to our online store. Alternatively, get in touch with the team to place your order.