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The great USB Flash Drive rush!

USB Flash Drives
The Promo Group supplies USB Flash Drives/USB Memory Sticks or Flash sticks (as some like to call them) that have become an indispensable part of our day-to-day work and social life, whether in class or at home, at the office or on the move, or for those ideal eye catching promotions (customised memory sticks or branded memory sticks). It has made transferring and storing large amounts of data a fast, simple and efficient process that our modern way of life requires.


Important company or promotional data can be pre-programmed into each and every USB Memory Stick or USB Flash Drive that is handed out adding even more value to your branded flash drive.

What about quality?
All our USB Flash Drives supplied by The Promo group utilise high quality memory. This means virtually no failure rate and extremely reliable flash. So your client or prospect will receive a USB Memory Stick from you which they will keep and be reminded of your brand rather than throwing it away (as cheap USB flash drives often fail in use) which is a common occurrence with cheaper / low grade flash drives.

Custom USBs and Digital Keys
Our extensive range of branded USB Flash Drives and options for custom shaped USB Memory Stick design, offers a complete one-stop shop for USB flash stick promotional requirements. The Digital Key is another innovative, special type of USB Flash Drive which is designed to drive the users directly to your website or online message. Let The Promo Group advise you on which standard design USB Flash Drive will suit your corporate image or budget and let them assist you in designing your own unique USB Memory stick.