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Artwork Process

Approved Artwork

Artwork Approval

Your logo is important, so we’ll first ask for your approval before we go ahead with any printing or branding and the rest of the Artwork Process.
A graphic designer will send you a layout of what your logo will look like on your selected product(s) and ask you to sign off on it before proceeding to the next stage.

Printed Logo


We’re able to print your logo in many different colours and positions however, occasionally we are are restricted by the printing options available based on the product you’ve selected.
Please ask us for a branding layout which will indicate the size, colour and positions available for your product.

Branding Options


Branded or unbranded – the option to have your logo printed on your products is entirely yours. You can purchase unbranded products directly off our site by choosing the ‘Quote’ option on the product page.

Setup Costs for Your Products

Setup Costs

These costs are not restricted to the design of your logo. They are instead used for the physical setting up of the machinery used for printing your logo onto your products. This process is repeated each time your logo is printed which is why setup costs are changed for each new print run.