Corporate gifts become a massive billboard for your brand.

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Your carefully selected corporate gifts become a massive billboard for your brand.

Corporate gifts and promotional clothing are the most affordable investments you can make in reflecting your brand by giving your clients the kind of gifts that are useful or that bring them enjoyment, connecting and engaging them on a personal level, especially if you have chosen your corporate gifts in a thoughtful manner.


The Promo Group has a team of experts who will guide you through thousands of corporate gifts, garnered from local suppliers as well as suppliers from every corner of the world, which means that even if the gift you may have in mind is not displayed on The Promo Group website, this imaginative and creative team will put heads together to find a way to deliver in a way that far exceeds your expectations.

What does The Promo Group offer?

Whether you choose office items that give you an eight hour, five day a week billboard that would cost a fortune if done in any other way, or tech gifts like power banks to keep your clients powered up out on the road, The Promo Group team give everything they have got to make sure that the promotional gift you finally decide on will represent your brand in the most effective way possible. Branded corporate gifts are the most cost effective way to create a positive image of your brand, carrying your message further and for a longer period than any other form of advertising would give you, with returns that more than make up for your initial investment.


If you consider that The Promo Group is willing to guarantee that not only will you be fully satisfied with your order, which will always arrive on time to meet your deadline, but that they will match or beat any written quote on the same item, then you have to believe that this is a team who are more than willing to put their money where their mouth is, which is enough to inspire confidence in the most discerning client! Take a combined 60 years worth of experience and the friendliest attitude in the corporate gifts industry and you will be dealing with professionals who know exactly how to make you feel completely comfortable with any trust you place in them to deliver on every level!