Create a stir around your brand

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Create a stir around your brand with exceptional promotional gifts from The Promo Group.

If you are looking for the most effective way to create wider brand recognition and create more impressions than any other form of conventional advertising then The Promo Group is the team to contact! The Promo Group is not just one of those ‘fly by night’ promotional gifting companies that is going to disappear as soon as they have taken your money, they have been around far too long and gained far too valuable a reputation to deliver anything less than an unbeatable level of experience and service excellence to even consider giving clients their all in every aspect of the business they are passionate about!


TPromotional gifts are still a truly unique form of advertising which have the ability to target many varied markets for a virtually unlimited period of time, whereas conventional advertising and television adverts only run for a set period of time and are prohibitively expensive for the average business, especially for small business or those just starting out.

What does The Promo Group offer?

The Promo Group know exactly how to make the most of your budget by introducing you to promotional gifts that can be used in daily life to give your brand even greater exposure in the long run, such as notepads , pens, key chains or any other items which are not expensive but always useful. A T-shirt can become a walking billboard, and as with every other promotional gift, will be seen over and over again, showing your brand off on a daily basis to reach a far greater audience well beyond what you could have imagined.


The consistent success which The Promo Group has achieved over many years assures you that this is a team who know exactly which promotional gift will suit your purposes, working together to produce imaginative and innovative ideas designed to highlight your brand and message in a way which lasts well after your initial outlay. Even if you are not sure where to begin, trust The Promo Group with your brief and goals, you will soon understand for yourself why The Promo Group is considered the number one promotional gifting company in South Africa!