Take your business to the next level!

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Add promotional gifts to your marketing mix and take your business to the next level!

With a passion for branded promotional gifts stretching back many years, with many more to come, The Promo Group has done more for promoting the exceptional impact that promotional gifts can have on any organisation’s marketing efforts, whether yours is a small business just starting out, without a huge marketing budget, or a large corporation which already has extensive marketing campaigns across every media platform, the added value of promotional gifts to back up any other marketing campaign is a tangible addition which brings its own high returns.


The beauty of promotional gifts is that they are within most budgets and have a long term effect few other forms of advertising can produce. In an age where people are continually overloaded with media advertising, there is little that can produce the effect that a useful gift which becomes part of everyday life for the recipient can.

What does The Promo Group offer?

The massive range of promotional gifts provided by The Promo Group covers virtually everything from key-rings to pens, gazebo’s to banners and gifts for the home and office, and if The Promo Group does not have what you are looking for, this resourceful team will find a way to make it happen!


It is virtually impossible not to trust a company like The Promo Group to deliver service excellence and quality of the highest standard, with their extensive background and the glowing recommendations from loyal clients whose reviews are the real deal sourced through independent Trusted Company, reliability is a given. Add to this the fact that The Promo Group has been verified as Only the Best in the Platinum Distributor 2016 and Titanium Distributor 2017 category, placing your promotional gifting project in the hands of this team can only be destined for success. Contact the fantastic team at The Promo Group if you really want to grab the attention of more referrals from satisfied clients than never before and take your promotional media mix to the next level in success!