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Branded Workwear for Men and Women

Workwear, uniforms, corporate clothing – we’ve got you covered

Branded workwear can serve many functions for your business. It is a clear way to identify who the employees are for clients, they serve as a cost-saving mechanism for your business and provide a sense of uniformity amongst your team of men and women.

Here are our top reasons you should consider branded workwear:

  • Brand Awareness: branded workwear portrays a representation of company and what they stand for. It is imperative that workwear provides a positive image to customers. Wearing branded workwear is a form of free advertising and brand awareness to customers, potential new customers and the general public. 
  • Customer Service: when your employees wear branded workwear, customers are able to easily identify who to ask for assistance in-store or at corporate events. 
  • Sense of Unity: while it is good to allow for everyone to express their personal style, wearing the same branded clothes enables your team of employees to feel a part of your business or event and feel equal amongst themselves. 
  • Professionalism: branded corporate clothing echoes the business’s principles and level of professionalism.
  • Cost-Effective: providing your employees with workwear cuts down their clothing costs and ensures all your employees look neat and represent your business and brand.
  • Safety: ensuring your employees are dressed appropriately for their everyday roles and responsibilities, whilst meeting safety standards, is very important for your team.

At the PromoGroup, we offer a wide range and selection of workwear for men and women in various industries, styles and apparel options for your branded workwear needs. All branding is done in-house and when it comes to choosing your branding style, your options are endless. Whether you prefer to keep it traditional with laser engraving or make a splash with a high-impact full-colour printing, we employ the latest technology and in-house processes to get the job done!

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