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Going green is all the rage these days, and for good reason:

There is no need for any of us to continue using working practices that are harmful to the planet, and there are many benefits to running an Eco Friendly Gifts operation. Even computer network providers are offering eco-friendly services these days, and it impresses clients – existing and potential – who see the need to run a green business. That’s why we at The Promo Group have a full and innovative range of Eco Friendly Gifts, and we are sure you will find they are very interesting indeed.

Eco Friendly Gifts

What does the Promo Group Offer

What can we help you with? We can sell you, at excellent prices, a choice of eco-friendly products ranging from simple items such as bags and notebooks, lanyards and other such products, right through to more innovative and usable items such as torches, LED lamps, and even eco-friendly toys for those times when you want something that is just a bit of fun. We take great pride at The Promo Group in keeping our prices sensible and affordable and we can help with whatever quantity you need; even if you require only a handful of small items you will be treated to the same quality service we are famous for.

The Promo Group is committed to providing the very best in quality and value for money, so you are encouraged to take advantage of our free artwork service and for added value we offer free delivery on orders over R1000.00 to many of the main centres across South Africa. We doubt you will get a better promise anywhere else, so why shop around when everything you need in eco-friendly corporate gifts is right here at The Promo Group? Have a close look at what we have on offer, and take the opportunity to impress your clients with your own green initiative.