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Foot Operated Sanitiser Dispenser

Sanitise! Sanitise! Sanitise!

During these uncertain times, we find ourselves living in, one thing is certain: the importance of sanitisation. Public places such as shops have chosen to opt for a foot operated sanitiser dispenser at the entrances to their stores. The attraction of the foot operated sanitiser dispenser is that it requires no hands to operate and dispense the sanitiser.

The foot operated sanitiser dispenser is hygienic as it requires a person’s foot to operate. The dispenser base board is made from recycled plastic. There is no need for batteries or electricity which makes the foot operated sanitiser dispenser the perfect unit for placing anywhere in a public place without the fear of load shedding cutting into your cleaning process. The adjustable bottle dispenser allows for various sizes, including and up to 500ml, to be secured to the nozzle. The stainless steel frame is the perfect place to brand your business; branding options available here