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How to Successfully Use Printed Stickers in Your Marketing Campaign

Promotional stickers have been around for a long time and if designed and distributed correctly they will continue to generate cost-effective impressions, exposure and word of mouth marketing for many years to come.

If you think that printed stickers and other off-line marketing strategies are not as effective as social media marketing, think again. According to recent studies, 90% of people would rather rely on the word of people they know than recommendations on social media.

Since advertising these days are perceived as products and services being shoved down everyone’s throat, it’s vital to not violate the personal space of consumers. This is where stickers win hands down – people don’t perceive them as advertising at all. Instead, they are recognised as badges of support, personal recommendations and endorsements for a specific product, message or business.

Branded stickers can also be used in ways other than simply giving them away. Because they are inexpensive, you can use it to brand products and packaging. You can’t always trust that people will become advocates of your brand, even when they love it, which is why you should do it yourself in effective yet tasteful ways, whenever possible.

Marketing is about forming and strengthening relationships with customers. It’s about communicating what sets you apart from your competitors and how it will benefit the people that support you. Branded stickers can be used in multiple ways to encourage that bond to grow as well as spreading the word on your brand.

The printing of stickers means you’re employing one of the most affordable marketing tools with the highest exposure available to establish and sustain relationships. But, keep in mind, like any type of marketing strategy, sticker marketing demands proper planning, design and execution for it to be successful.

The team here at The Promo Group has all the skills and expertise needed to assist you in your sticker marketing campaign. For more information on how you too can use printed stickers to grow your business, give us a call today!