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If Social Media Marketing Isn’t Giving You the Results You Want, Try Branded Promo Gifts

Marketing plays a crucial part in growing your business, there’s no way around it! But the type of marketing strategy you use can build or break your business for sure. Which is why you should make sure to adjust your strategy the moment you realise it’s not giving you the right results.

Top Marketing Tools Used to Grow Your Business

There are various tools you can use to market your business like email marketing, social media marketing, distributing promotional gifts, and more traditional strategies like handing out flyers.

Content marketing is thought to be one of the most effective marketing tools but it can take time to get your website to rank on search engines which is why you need to use more than one tool. Flyers, while cost-effective, doesn’t offer great results. A 1-2% response rate is not sufficient to see sustainable growth.

Social media marketing can be an excellent tool but needs constant attention and some skill for results. So if you’re at a place where you’re looking for a cost-effective marketing strategy that will yield better results than your current social media efforts, branded promo gifts are the answer.

It is believed that promotional gifts have a 62% success rate. This means that more than 60 % of promotional gift recipients will do business with your company in future. Now that’s a rate I can live with!

There are some “rules” to adhere to when giving promotional gifts to ensure optimum results. Rule number one is to give quality gifts. Low-quality gifts will damage your brand image. People receive free stuff all the time and if you want yours to stand out, make sure it’s something they can actually use.

Get to know your target market, keep up with current trends and give high-quality gifts. For more information or to place an order for branded promo gifts get in touch with the team at The Promo Group or visit our online store today!