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Impress Your Clients This Winter with These Four Promotional Gifts

It’s nearly winter and South Africans are getting ready to hibernate. While it’s true that South African weather is mild compared to European countries and Canada, it can still get really cold in the dead of winter. An extra layer goes a long way in keeping one warm.


Winter is also yet another opportunity to build client relationships and target new customers. In fact, it’s the perfect occasion to invest in promotional gifts that will make winter a little more bearable for your target audience. Here are some gift ideas to get you started.


Branded Jacket or Bodywarmer

Nothing says “Thanks for your business” like a warm jacket or bodywarmer that’s discreetly branded. While you want your brand to be noticeable, you also want to keep it small to motivate the recipient to actually wear it. If the quality is good and the branding is unobtrusive, you’re nearly there.

Thermal Coffee Mug or Flask

Have you noticed just how quickly coffee turns cold during winter? Thermal mugs not only keep your coffee warm while at your desk, but it also allows you to take your coffee on the go. This will make the part where you sit in traffic a little more tolerable.


Scarf, Gloves or Socks

As we’ve mentioned before, any type of clothing item will be welcomed with open arms. But be mindful when making your decision. You’ll want to choose the comfiest pair of socks you can find that will keep cold feet warm and snug. Don’t be too outrageous when it comes to colour, especially if you’re not very familiar with a specific client. Natural colours are always a safe bet.



If there’s one thing that can help combat the cold, it’s wine. If your client is a wine lover, they will appreciate a nice bottle of red, no matter the season. Be sure to ask which type of blend they prefer before you buy.


At The Promo Group, we have whatever it takes to keep your clients happy and coming back for more. Get in touch with the team to place your order today!