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No Success With Promotional Gifting? You Might Be Making These Mistakes

Did you know that promotional gifts are one of the most effective tools you can use to market your brand? Due to its high impression rate, you can reach thousands of potential clients fast, thus earn an exceptionally high return on investment.


But, don’t think that just any gift will do. There are some things to consider to maximise your results. Below are typical mistakes business owners make when starting out with promotional gifting.


Neglecting to Research Your Target Market

Not knowing your target audience inside out increases the risk of gifting the wrong gift. A gift that might end up in the trash. Giving a branded iPhone case to a pensioner might seem viable but there are many other gifts to give instead, that will pack a punch.

Limiting Your Promotional Gifting to the Holidays

Thanking your clients for their business at the end of the year makes complete sense but every other company they deal with has the same idea. It might make more sense to start giving branded gifts throughout the year if your budget allows, or pick another time of the year instead.


Not Thinking Outside the Box

Promotional gifting is all about making a lasting impression and you have one chance, so use it wisely. Make sure the message you give your client is one that says ‘I value your business’.


Low-Quality Promotional Gifts

Your gift can be cool and innovative but if it’s low quality it will send the recipient the wrong message. The better the product quality, the longer they will use it, and the higher the impression rate will be. A bad quality gift can do your brand more harm than good.


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