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Company branded lanyards provide a practical and impactful solution for companies, universities, and corporations looking to make a unified statement. The benefits of custom lanyards for keys or identification cards include building brand visibility and fostering a sense of unity and professionalism among employees or students.

As one of the most trusted lanyard suppliers in South Africa, we offer custom printed lanyards and sublimation lanyards. At The Promo Group, you can order your custom lanyards in bulk, making it easier for you to ensure that your entire team, students, or event attendees can proudly wear your brand’s corporate lanyards with the company logo.

Investing in personalised or customised lanyards not only provides cost-effective branding but also ensures that your logo is prominently displayed in various settings. Bulk order lanyards with logos from The Promo Group today by requesting a quote or getting in touch.

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