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The Ultimate List of Branded Gifts for Working Mothers

In South Africa, it is highly unlikely that one income is enough to sustain a family. This resulting in a generation of working mothers. A few decades ago, mothers mostly stayed home and looked after their children but mothers these days are giving up a lot having to work full time. While there are moms that prefer having an 8-5 job, there are others who wish that they were able to stay home with their babies.

As we’ve said before, these mommy employees are giving up a lot and need to be compensated for their effort. Branded gifts are an excellent way to thank employees for their hard work during the year so if you’re looking for the perfect branded gift to give your employees, here’s a list of branded gift items any working mother will find highly beneficial.

Power Bank

For when her smartphone battery dies unexpectedly and she needs to check up on her kids.

Flash Drive

So she can store photos of her family

Food Hampers

Chocolates, coffee, wine, food products are always a great idea to make a working mom feel special

Travel Bag

For trips and fun times with her family

Thermal Mug

To keep her morning coffee warm


Any woman will tell you that you can’t have enough umbrellas in your home

Picture Frames

It will make them happy to look at their babies faces everyday

Tablet or Recipe Book Stand

For when she’s cooking for her family

Portable Speakers

For dance parties in the kitchen

Travel Picnic Set

Spending time with family outdoors will help her recoup from a long week at work

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