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This Is the Most Effective Branded Gift for 2019

There is nothing more iconic than rewarding your employee for their years of services with a watch. Thus, it comes as no surprise that watches are also considered one of the most popular gifts in the corporate world due to the air of sophistication they pose.

But that doesn’t mean that your promotional watch needs to be a Rolex. It’s the presentation and overall target that matters most. Before you choose your promotional watch, ask yourself the following questions:

–  What are you aiming for, quality or quantity?
–  Are you attracting new clients or rewarding existing clients?
–  Is your offering long-term or limited edition?

Promotional watches can come in any style and price range, depending on your target market and the supplier you use. The Promo Group offers a wide variety of watches that will serve your unique purpose.

If your goal is quantity, you should consider Carousel Plastic Watch. This watch is unisex, can be custom printed and will cost you around R65 per item. Another option would be to choose the Basic Leatherette watch, available for both men and women at around R80.

When quality is your aim, you might want to consider one of our smartwatches or the stainless steel square watch available for both ladies and gents. You can expect to pay anything between R445 and R550 per unit.

Typically, when your aim is to attract new customers, you’ll want to opt for a less expensive option but when it comes to rewarding existing customers and employees, quality is key.

Branded watches tick all the boxes when it comes to the perfect promotional gift. They are useful to almost anyone and chances are they’ll get noticed if the branding is done right.

For more information about ordering your custom branded watches, get in touch with the team at The Promo Group today!