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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Gift Your Customers with Promotional Printed Pens

Think printed pens are old school? Think again. Pens will never go out of style as effective promotional gifts. Pens are great! They are easy to customise and even easier to distribute. And since everyone uses pens throughout their lives, they are considered to be the perfect gift to promote your business.


Not convinced? Here are our top reasons why we think you should invest in printed pens as promotional gifts.


Pens Are Useful

From scholars to professionals, we all use pens. At any given time, a person can have access to at least 5 pens. Pens are one of the most useful promotional gifts especially when distributed to business people who attend regular meetings. The more your pen is used, the more people your brand will reach. Don’t be scared to purchase pens in bulk. Ink will run out and you’ll need to resupply your customers, existing and potential, with more pens.


Pens Are Cost-Effective

The price of pens can range from stupidly cheap to extremely expensive making it possible for any budget to join in in this marketing initiative. As a startup, you might want to go for a more affordable option to start off with but if you’re trying to impress and win over a crucial customer, you’ll want to go all out and spend a little more.


Pens Are Excellent for Any Target Audience

Not all promotional gifts work for any type of audience. Pens, however, offer the widest coverage since you can give it people of any gender, age or location – it will still be effective.


While we live in a digital age, printed pens will never not be used. Visit our online store to order promotional pens to impress your customers or speak to the team if you have any questions.